Winning design award for Studio Health 2017

Advising professor: Shea Tillman

Team:​​ Auburn University Professors:

Dr. David Crumbley​​ (Gun Wound Expert, Military Vet.)

Dr. David Worley (inventor of drug N-Halamine)


This project was run in conjunction with Dr. Crumbley and  Dr. Worley's Staph healing solution, N-Halamine. We applied his chemical solution to the pellets of the X-Stat. This steralized the wound on impact.

As a team we took on the challenge of redesigning the X-Stat for EMT use since it is only given to military personel. This device saves lives  by clogging wounds after a soldier has been shot in the battlefield.


After meeting regulary with Dr. Crumbley we came to the conclusion that these are the four main instances you face when​​ dealing with a gunshot wound.

With these main points in mind, we designed a more ergonmical solution that made it easier to use for EMT use, or Civilians as your window of time to save a life is typically under 5 minutes. This product was designed to be used in under 15 seconds.

Final render below.